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Home Window Cleaning, How to Do it Right?

  • Remove the screens

  • Exterior Window Cleaning

  • Interior Window Cleaning

  • Window Sills and Tracks Cleaning

  • Replace Window Screens

  • Window Cleaning: Done!

Our House Window Cleaning Service on the North Shore of Montreal

A good annual window cleaning is a necessary evil if you want to have a house of clean and neat appearance. Dust and rainwater splashing from the ground are leaving traces of hard water in your windows and reduces the perceived value of your home. Professional indoor and outdoor window washing should include cleaning window tracks to remove cobwebs and other debris. On the north shore of Montreal, Services BVM offers exterior maintenance of your building according to your needs. A pressure wash of your driveway, patio or fence, an annual outdoor window cleaning or a full maintenance twice a year, we will adjust to your specific needs. Contact us for a quick and free estimate right now!  


Professional Property Maintenance Service


A good window cleaning service includes not only the work itself but also all the communication and professionalism that surrounds it. Does your window cleaner have insurance to protect you and your home? Was the estimation process well done and electronic? Do you have a proper invoice with the company's tax numbers? All of these points are signs that the window cleaning company you entrust your home with has invested time, money, and organized itself to structure its window cleaning service, which is normally a good thing. It indicates that the technicians' training will also be complete and that the company will be there to serve you for years to come.


Traditional window washing remains important despite advancements in the filtration systems because interior window washing is always done in the traditional way. A squeegee, an applicator, a good recurring bronze pad, some microfiber cloths and window cleaning can be done. But beware, traditional window washing requires a certain technique, otherwise your windows will be covered with lines and white marks. Washing windows outside can also be done in the traditional way, but ladder work is simply unnecessarily dangerous.


At Services BVM, we have the best equipment available to guarantee a streak-free and hassle-free residential and commercial window cleaning. Working on a ladder is dangerous for everyone and we have decided to invest in the best pure water system in order to get away from it, while remaining environmentally responsible. Say goodbye to noisy window washing, the damage created by a badly placed ladder or the trampled garden. With our system, your home is in good hands.