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Indoor Parking Lot Pressure Washing and Power Sweeping Services : Our Star Winter Service IN MONTREAL AND SURROUNDINGS

Talk to your Condo Syndicate about our High Pressure Cleaning Service and Never Look Back! Pressure Washing Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Boucherville, West Island, Côte Saint-Luc, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Dorval, Hampstead, Kirkland, Montreal West, Mount Royal, Pointe-Claire, Senneville, Westmount, and all the surrounding towns.


Our Pressure Washing Services Montreal:

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Underground Parking Lot Pressure Washing and Power Sweeping

  • Power Washing of Balconies and Fences

  • Pool Decks Power Washing with Biodegradable Products

  • Softwashing of Siding and Roofs


Parking Lot Pressure Washing and Power Cleaning Services in Montreal


Underground parkings get dirty: salt, rocks, mud, name it, it's there. With a good sweeping followed by a high pressure washing or a power Sweeping done with the right pressure washer, your underground parking lot will come back to its youth, and you will save your hallway's carpets and your vehicle's interiors. There is no point in using a small electric pressure washer, you need at least a good gas powered pressure washing machine along with a surface cleaner and the right pressure washing process. Not only will it get your garage looking much better but cleaning it will save you money in drain unclogging fees, carpet cleaning, and vehicle cleaning. Get it done at least twice per winter by professionals and get it done right. On other surfaces, pressure washing is even more complicated. With a commercial grade pressure washer, it is easy to dig a hole in a wooden surface, you must hire pressure washing experts to take care of this job or else you might very well have a bad surprise! Power washing siding is also a delicate task, you could force water into the wall behind the siding. Your precious flower bed by your deck also does not appreciate phosphate which is often used by inexperienced pressure washers, at Services BVM, we make sure to use the most environmentally friendly product we can find that does the job. Whether our job is to remove a n oil stain in an underground garage or to prepare a deck before getting it treated, we will take the most care of not damaging the surface and will leave it spotless.  

Trust us with any small or big pressure washing jobs, get us to do your windows or your gutters at the same time, save a lot of time and money and get a perfectly done pressure washing job!

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Home Owner

Benoit is fantastic to work with, I trusted him from the start. He did the interior and exterior of my windows without any trace left even though I had to leave in the middle of the job. Thank you for your great work again!

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Robert and Lise

Home Owners

We hired Benoit to pressure wash the balcony at our house in Outremont, what a great service he provided! We decided to add on the windows and eavestrough and again the job was professional, we definitely recommend his services to anyone needing an exterior cleaning done.

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