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Power Cleaning Services on the SOUTH SHORE

Our high pressure cleaning services will make any property shine like never before! Pressure washing services on the south shore, proudly serving Longueuil, boucherville, Saint Lambert and surrounding towns.  We go everywhere around Montreal, ask for Services BVM and rest assured that you are taken care of.


Our Pressure Cleaning Services Longueuil:

  • Removing Graffiti
  • Underground Parking Lot Pressure Washing

  • Power Washing of Balconies and Fences

  • Deep Cleaning with Biodegradable Products

  • Siding Softwashing

  • Roof Soft Washing


Parking Lot Pressure Washing and Power Cleaning Services on the South-Shore


Underground parkings need regular maintenance to remove salt, oil stains, rocks and mud. With a good sweep followed by a high pressure washing with the right pressure washer, your underground parking lot will look clean again, and you will save money on your hallway's carpets cleaning and your vehicles interiors degradation. A small DIY electric pressure washer will just not cut it, to properly attack an oil stain, you need at least a good gas powered pressure washing machine along with good (Environmentally Safe) chemicals, a surface cleaner and the right pressure washing process. A good frequence is at least twice every winter, donce by professionals and your property value will be safe.

On wooden or aluminum surfaces, pressure washing is even more complex. With a powerful pressure washer, digging a hole in a wooden surface is quickly done, you have to hire cautious people to take care of this job or else you might very well have a bad experience! Power washing siding is the most delicate task since you could easily push water into the inner wall if you do not use the right angle or pressure. Your exotic plants by your pool deck also will not appreciate TSP which is often used by inexperienced companies, at Services BVM, we always use the most environmentally friendly product we can put our hands on that brings good results. If you need to remove oil stains on a driveway or prepare a deck before getting it treated, we are there to help you.  

Trust us with any power washing jobs, ask us to clean windows at the same time, save time and money and get the job done right, everytime!

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