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Power Cleaning Services on the SOUTH SHORE

Our high pressure cleaning services will make any property shine like never before! Pressure washing services on the south shore, proudly serving Longueuil, boucherville, Saint Lambert and surrounding towns.  We go everywhere around Montreal, ask for Services BVM and rest assured that you are taken care of.


Our Pressure Cleaning Services Longueuil:

  • Removing Graffiti
  • Underground Parking Lot Pressure Washing

  • Power Washing of Balconies and Fences

  • Deep Cleaning with Biodegradable Products

  • Siding Softwashing

  • Roof Soft Washing


Parking Lot Pressure Washing and Power Cleaning Services on the South-Shore


It is important to preserve underground parking spaces as they are meant to remove salt, oil, and dirt that would otherwise accumulate in these places – all of which contribute towards keeping the carpet clean and protecting your investment in vehicle interiors. To be able to perform a good cleaning job, you need more than just an ordinary electric pressure washer; getting rid of the stubborn oil needs high-performance gas-powered equipment, biodegradable detergents for washing surfaces, surface cleaner and special pressure washing technique. During the cold season, it is advisable to engage professionals in conducting such a maintenance at least twice in six months so as to retain value for your property.

Pressure washing is also very demanding when it comes to delicate surfaces like wood or aluminum, and attention must be paid not to cause any damage. As such, one of the most commonly noted concerns is that novice hands can easily do damage; this is especially true when cleaning siding – incorrect angles or pressures may force water into structures – or around sensitive areas like poolside vegetation since harsh chemicals like TSP can destroy them. In Services BVM, we first give preference to the eco-friendly products that are effective as a high quality solution. Be it oil stains on your driveway or preparing a deck for treatment, we are professionals that take great care of your property.

Give us your trust for any power washing jobs, request window cleaning while we are at it, save some time and money and get the results you want every time.

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