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FAQ About our Services

Do you only clean outside windows?

Not only do we wash the outside of your windows, but we can also take care of the interior and of your screens! We offer you the possibility to get a complete cleaning of your windows, it's simple! Feel free to clearly specify your needs when getting your quote.

How to get a quote quickly?

Once again, it's very simple.  Just fill This Form and we will quickly contact you to come take a look!

Is it possible for your products to damage my windows?

Absolutely not! To clean your windows, we use a "mild dish soap" product that does not contain any chemicals. It is therefore highly unlikely that  our work will create any problem on your windows.

How can I reduce my service bill?

Refer us! This is another rather effective way to lower your bill. For each new customer you refer to us, we give you a $ 20 discount on your next bill. Easy and your friend will love us!

Are you insured?

Of course we are insured! We have liability insurance to cover the necessary costs should an accident or break occur due to our work.