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Professional Window Cleaning, How to Do it Right?

  • Remove the screens

  • Exterior Window Cleaning

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  • Window Sills and Tracks Cleaning

  • Replace Window Screens

  • Window Cleaning: Done!

Window Cleaning Service in Laval

Welcome to the window cleaning Laval services offered by Services BVM. Our specialty is windows that gleam, adding beauty to your home or business. Our highly qualified professionals apply environmentally friendly products and the newest technologies in order to achieve perfect outcomes. We offer window cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. We are proud to be timely, accurate and customer oriented. The affordable and cost-effective nature of our services means they are available to all types of property. Services BVM makes a difference – get in touch with the company today and order our first-class window cleaning services in Laval that will bring clarity and brilliance to your windows.



In provision of Laval window cleaning services, we focus on beauty and lifespan of your windows. We suggest that you have your residential windows cleaned once a year, but preferably twice in one year with one session talk place during the spring and the other at around late fall. This is a preventive measure that saves you the embarrassment of hard water deposits, which are those stubborn white stains left behind by mineral-laden water after it evaporates. We do not use impure water at Services BVM because it contains some of these minerals. Contrasting that, the window washing tools we use are state-of-the-art and do not require any sort of solution to clean your windows; they only work with filtered water to make sure everything is spotless without any streaks. Trust us to keep your windows looking clean all through the year.


Your Trusted Window Cleaning Service in Laval!

 When it comes to the cleaning and shining of your windowed areas at Services BVM, we realize it's essential for their integrity and perfection, this is why we promise to work hard everyday to beautify and create the irresistibleness of your home or business in Laval. Now, You Can Count On Your Professional Window Cleaning Services to Give You Clear, Spotless Windows that Not only Admit More Sun than the Dirty Ones, But also Show Off Your Beautiful Homes, Green Yards and Lush Trees.

Our Services

What our company at Services BVM, focus on is the perfect window care cleaning for houses, condos, high-rise offices, and airport buildings in LavalWe are able to cover both inside and outside of your window facade, and regardless where you stand – quarters, houses, or tenement buildings, you will get the highest quality of service every time with our expertise and advanced equipment.

Interior Window Cleaning:

Cleaning the inside of windows is one of the services we take pride in. We go a step further; assuring that every window is spotless to the last corner. Our knowledgeable staff has the best cleaning products and varied equipment to remove debris, fingersprints and smears from all your windows, bringing back their transparency.

Exterior Window Cleaning:

Exterior windows are exposed to weather elements like rain , dust , and even snow. This can make sure that they can collect a lot of dust every time. Exterior window cleaning service offered by us is intended to bring back the shininess and sheer clearity of your window, so that the curb appeal of your property could be boosted. Implementing the latest technology for the water-fed pole, as well as safe cleaning methods, we get rid of the difficulties in cleaning even the most difficult window pains.

Post-Construction Window Cleaning:

You might be disappointed if you just finished construction or renovation, which happens because your windows probably have been covered with dust, paint spatter, and glue residue. Construction tearing and polishing in our after construction water cleaning service are designed to remove construction debris from the windows and return them to their original condition ensuring cleanness and shininess.

Why Choose Us?

Professionalism: The consist of the group of trained and experienced technicians. The technicians are meticulous and dedicated to providing top-notch window cleaning services that combine approach and attention to detail.

Quality Assurance: We focus mainly the quality service and we do not compromise with it. Our precise working procedures aligned with customer satisfaction pledge will ensure that you just can depend on us for providing you with best outcomes each and every time.

Safety First: Second of all is the service team safety and your own property at all times. Protecting the safety of our team and participants is pivotal to us, and we follow the stringent safety protocols and safe cleaning practices to provide a risk-free environment to all.

Environmentally Friendly: Environmental protection matter to us and through the utilization of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions we make our earth greener with no pollution. Such measures also keep you and your loved one safe. Our eco-friendly strategy is meant to keep only a clean and healthy living and working environment as a result.

Convenience: It is worth to be transparent that we perceive that your time is the most costly. This is why we provide you with the option to sign up for different time frames and we promise to consider and answer your specific requirements. Considering it is a no one-size-fits-all-world, our services will be at your disposal – whether you opt for a one-time cleaning or regular maintenance.

Contact Us Today!

Is there anytime of the year you might want your home or business in Laval to be professionally cleaned?Now is the time to start enjoying your homes, offices, and buildings in an exceptional manner by making their windows shine completely with sparkling cleanliness and thus adding more beauty and value to them. Contact us now to coordinate your booking and find out other the reason we have been picked out as the window cleaners Laval prefers. If the windows of your house could speak, what would they say ? And the answer is – – let us make them as beautiful and perfectly matched as possible.